Online Advertising Manager

Online businesses and virtual entrepreneurs survive on advertising. They depend on marketing experts to improve awareness of web surfers regarding a particular product, service, brand, or information. But not all are versed in marketing strategies. So who do these people call for help? Online advertising managers are the specialists who manage needs of this sort.

An online advertising manager is tasked with one goal in particular – to increase revenues. All duties and responsibilities carried out by these specialists are directed towards this particular goal. An advertising manager supervises the entire marketing process of a business. They work to promote other service providers or organizations. An advertising manager may also facilitate the staff members and operations of an outside organization that the business employs or affiliates with.

Day-to-day activities of advertising managers include developing an effective marketing campaign, implementing the campaign, and overseeing the different marketing-related sectors of a business. Being a managerial position, advertising managers are designated to a team who will assist them in completing assignments.

Educational Requirements for Online Advertising Managers

Most advertising managers carry a bachelor’s degree in marketing or an associated field like marketing or journalism. Usual major programs for advertising that are specifically related to advertising management including account services, media methods, marketing planning and implementation, and advertising design.

Since they work with both team members and media, an advertising manager should have superior communication abilities in order to relay information and ideas effectively. Advertising managers also commonly deal with decision making, most of which are crucial for the business. Thus, online advertising managers should be good in dealing with decisions even during stressful circumstances. Problem solving and creativity are also qualities that make for a great and successful online ad manager.

Advertising managers who carry a master’s degree will also find a much broader range of opportunities. Most people aspiring to become an online ad manager may also go for internships as many employees seek to employ staff with pertinent work experience and background.

Average Income for Online Advertising Managers

An online ad manager can expect to earn an average income of around $30,000 to over $104,000 annually, according to a report in 2010. However, this range may still fluctuate depending on the marketing manager’s credentials, such as educational background and career experience. On a monthly scale, an online ad manager with good performance can earn around $7,500 per month. On the other hand, online ad managers who had the lowest income earned around $41,000. Fresh graduates who’ve earned a 4-year degree will basically start out on the lower end of this pay scale.

Career and Employment Outlook for Advertising Managers

Based on the records from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the succeeding years will cultivate a significant 12% increase in available job positions for advertising managers. This is particularly due to the expanding media movement and the overwhelming market competition. Candidates who carry the most pertinent educational background, career experience and prowess should enjoy the best employment positions available.