How Can I Combine a Business Degree With Informational Technology (IT)?

Business and IT JobsIf you are interested in pursuing a career within the fields of business and information technology, an important question has probably crossed your mind: “How can I combine a business degree with information technology?” By reading the information below, you can obtain an answer to this question.

Combining a Business Degree With Information Technology

One of the most effective ways to combine a business degree with information technology is to minor in the latter subject. Doing so will provide you with education and experience in this sector, which will in turn make you a more marketable job candidate for positions that involve the use of both business and information technology skills. When you begin to think about how you can combine a business degree with information technology in order to create a personally and professionally rewarding career, consider the following vocations:

1. Web Developer

The primary objective of a web developer is to create and maintain websites. In addition to creating a site that is aesthetically appealing, web developers are responsible for ensuring that the site is functional. Functionality can be gauged in terms of things such as the site’s speed and how much traffic it can handle. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developers can expect to earn an annual salary of $62,500.

2. Advertising Manager

People who want to combine a business degree with informational technology should note that becoming an advertising manager is a great way to accomplish this objective. In addition to necessitating the use of business skills such as advertising and promotions, becoming an advertising manager almost always incorporates the use of informational technology as mediums such as the internet, telephone, and televisions are used to communicate the value of a company’s goods and services. Advertising managers can expect to earn about $115,750 annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

3. Computer Systems Analysts

The primary responsibility of computer systems analysts is to study an organization’s current computer procedures and systems in order to create and implement information systems solutions that will help the organization function more effectively. By bringing business and information technology together, computer systems analysts increase the efficacy of the businesses that employ them. Computer systems analysts can expect to earn about $79,680 annually.

4. Database Administrator

Database administrators have many technological tasks, and the primary one is to use software to organize and store data like customer shipping records and financial information. This work is done for the purpose of ensuring that important data can be accessed by users as well as to preclude unauthorized access of the information. Because this position involves the use of the organizational and administrative skills one gains by attaining a business degree as well as informational technology skills acquired through learning about database software, this position could be ideal for an individual interested in combining the worlds of business and informational technology. Database administrators typically earn about $77,080 annually.

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If you are thinking about pursuing a career in a field that melds the worlds of business and informational technology, you should know that there are several ways to do so. Now that you have an answer to the question “How can I combine a business degree with informational technology?,” you can make an informed decision regarding which vocational path would be most personally and professionally advantageous for you.