How Can I Get a Job in Advertising?

Jobs in AdvertisingThe advertising world might be changing in terms of how its advertisements are displayed to customers and interacted with by those in mainstream situation, but jobs in advertising still require a rather traditional set of skills. In fact, only minor changes in the requirements of a new advertising industry hires occurred over the past half-century or so. These requirements largely deal with a greater degree of high-tech proficiency and social media understanding, but it’s likely that most of today’s newest advertising applicants will have a solid understanding of those two key fields. The other skills required generally can generally be broken down into the two competing categories of executive versus creative.

Getting an Advertising Job as an Account Executive

The account executive rivals the creative side of advertising as one of the most important position within any modern agency. That’s because account executives are essentially responding with wooing new clients, keeping existing clients happy with the agency’s work, and handling every possible need that might arise as an account is landed, as it matures, and as it moves into different phases of the advertising cycle.

To land a job in this vital area of the industry, applicants should have a four-year degree under their belts in one of the following key fiends:

– Business management
– Communications
– Advertising
– Marketing

Generally, the key skills valued by today’s agencies for those who apply to be an account executive include excellent time management, an outgoing personality, and an affinity for clear and concise communication with clients. A fundamental understanding of corporate structure and marketing approaches is also helpful, and these skills are considered secondary. For those who lack an advertising background or a marketing education, some agencies will train on-the-job as long as the applicant shows promise as a skilled manager of accounts and client relations, according to the Advertising Educational Foundation.

Creative Work: A Different Set of Requirements

Landing a job in advertising as a creative is somewhat different in terms of the initial requirements. These hires are directly responsible with the advertisement’s copy, visual appeal, and organization. The stakes are high in this field. Even the best account executive can’t retain a client of the creative side of the agency who can’t produce the right kind of advertisement for the client. Because of how central this area is to the agency, requirements are strict and generally require one of the following undergraduate degrees:

– Advertising
– Digital design
– Web design
– Fine Arts
– Visual Production

Many creatives must also have at least some graduate work under their belt, and they’ll likely need to show a robust number of portfolio items to hiring managers before they can even be considered for the job. Since agencies place an extreme value on talented creative hires who are good with words, understand visual organization, and know how to please a client, they may require several rounds of interviews that narrow applicants down according to experience, portfolio work, interview quality, and educational attainment.

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A Highly Competitive Field for New Applicants

The advertising world is extremely competitive, with most applicants submitting to multi-round interviews and doing their best to show that they’re the most educated, talented, and resourceful in numerous agency areas. The best way to land jobs in advertising is to be the most organized, outgoing, and visually talented person in a large field of applicants.