How Can You Get a Job In International Business?

International busienssWith a slow domestic job market in view and many businesses expanding into overseas markets, some people might investigate how to get a job in international business. Technological advancements coupled with modern trade agreements have created a business environment of global free trade. As new businesses venture into international markets, they need business professionals skilled in all functional areas to ensure success. Here are some international business jobs that are in high demand, the education and training requirements for the jobs as well as the projected employment and salary outlook.

Popular International Business Jobs

Many companies that conduct business in overseas markets have tangible goods to transport in the form of either finished products or raw materials. These companies rely heavily on supply chain managers to ensure these goods get to their destinations on schedule, undamaged and in a cost efficient manner. These professionals use the latest information technology tools as well as knowledge of the partner country’s customs, regulations and culture to successfully bring products to foreign markets.

Marketing management and research analysts are essential to businesses that want to initiate or grow their global operations. These individuals analyze data from a variety of sources to determine the economic health of products and services sold within a company’s portfolio of offerings. The results of their work demonstrate the products or services that work well in different markets which allow companies to target their advertising to optimize sales.

International financial managers monitor, report and help improve the financial status of the companies for which they work. The financial monitoring and reporting that is done by these managers directly impacts cash flow in many cases because investors use the information for accurate decision-making. Financial managers also help determine the company’s strategic path that guides company investment decisions.

Suggested Education And Training For International Careers

One of the most popular degree programs for students who want to gain entrance into a multinational company is the international business degree. Students enrolled in an international business degree program usually are allowed to specialize in a concentration area and learn about that specialty from an international context through comprehensive coursework and study abroad sessions.

Other degree programs that help to prepare students to work in the international arena are international affairs and intercultural communications degree programs. These programs are often great for students who have special language skills that they want to showcase within a job that helps bridge the cultural divide between partner companies of different regional origins.

Projected Job Outlook

Supply chain, marketing and financial managers had annual median incomes of $72,780, $115,750 and $109,740 respectively in 2012. The careers associated with marketing and financial management had projected growth rates that were as fast as the average position across all industries. Although supply chain managers had the lowest annual median income of the three careers, it has a projected growth rate that is much faster than the average position across all industries. Highly competitive candidates already have official work visas and knowledge about the business environment of the country in which they want to work, according to Columbia University.

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Business people who love different cultures and enjoy unique problem solving opportunities usually thrive in international business careers. Because these careers are highly competitive, one must make sure to take advantage of education, training and experiential opportunities in preparation to get a job in international business.