How Can You Specialize a Marketing Degree?

Marketing degreeWhen you enroll in a marketing degree program, you have the chance to specialize a marketing degree. Though many people think that marketing experts sell products and services to consumers and create marketing plans, marketing experts can and do work outside of the sales field. They might work in the human resources department of a company, run their own companies, manage employees or work on improving the reputation of a company or individual. The specialty or concentration that you choose lets you take classes that teach you more about that specific area.

Business Administration

Many colleges in the country offer a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Other schools let you earn a marketing degree with a concentration in business administration. This is a good option for those planning to launch a business after graduation, small business owners and those hoping to work for smaller or larger companies. Students learn skills relating to the operations of a business, including how to follow state and federal laws and how to advertise for marketing experts and hire those workers.


If you choose to specialize a marketing degree with a management concentration, you’ll learn how to lead others and make those working under you listen to you. Marketing managers may work with dozens of people every day, including clients looking to purchase advertising products, the financial planners responsible for managing the cost of an ad campaign and those responsible for creating the campaign. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a high need for marketing managers in the future. Between 2012 and 2022, approximately 25,400 new marketing manager jobs will become available. Those working in management earn a median annual salary of $115,750 a year.


Sales is one of the more popular industries for those interested in marketing. This field can include cashiers, inside sales representatives and outside sales representatives. Marketing sales jobs often ask workers to make advertising sales. They might sell ad space in a newspaper to local companies, find major sponsors for fundraising events or look for ways to increase the sales reported by a specific website. Though most marketing degree programs include a few sales classes, when you choose sales as a concentration, you’ll take courses designed to help you understand the way shoppers think and how to get inside their minds.

Promotions or Public Relations

If you have a strong personality and good communication skills, you might specialize a marketing degree in the promotions or public relations field. PR representatives, also known as PR reps, work for individuals, companies and firms. They help increase the popularity of a company, get an individual or company in to the public eye and help raise awareness for causes and products. They often work with others to solicit donations for a fundraising campaign, create marketing campaigns with advertising specialists and produce press releases to send out around the world.

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While some people think that marketing involves making sales and getting people excited about new products, the field includes a number of jobs outside of the sales world. The classes that you take in college give you a general understanding of marketing topics, but when you specialize a marketing degree in business administration, promotions, management or another field, you’ll learn skills that specifically relate to your career.