How Do You Become a Business Reporter?

Business ReporterWorking as a reporter in the business world puts you on the front lines of the industry, but if you want to become a business reporter, you need to know more than just how to write articles. As the number of traditional magazines, news channels and newspapers shut down, the number of online magazines and blogs pop-up. Some of the top reporters today find that the online world offers more opportunities than the offline world does. Gaining experience in the business world and the writing world can make you a better journalist.

Go to College

Going to journalism school isn’t mandatory for writers today. Journalism school teaches students the importance of finding the right sources, crediting those sources and editing their content. You can gain some of those skills in a journalism or an English program at any college or university. Going to college also lets you write for the school paper and gain some clips that you can use in your portfolio. You’ll also have the chance to take some business courses that help you remain on top of new stories and information hitting the field.

Gain Valuable Business Experience

To become a business reporter, you need some experience in the business world. The best reporters today are the ones who worked for different companies in the past, which gives them a unique understanding of how those companies work. In addition to taking some business courses in college, you’ll also want to work in the field. Whether you work at a small family owned and operated business or a major corporation, you’ll see the ins and outs that go in to creating a budget, ordering supplies and other tasks of running a business.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Even the best writers and journalists in the world find themselves learning more information every day. When you apply for business writing jobs, you need to show clips of the work you did in the past. You can include clips you wrote for classes, for the school newspaper and even editorial pieces published in the local papers. Many college students also develop strong writing skills through the use of a blog. You can direct employers to professional content you wrote on your own blog. Many online magazines and journals also offer opportunities for college students and new writers. While you won’t get paid, you will get your own byline.

Future Outlook for Reporters

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the outlook for journalists isn’t good. The BLS reports a decline of 13 percent in this industry between 2012 and 2022. If you want to become a business reporter, don’t let this figure change your mind. This applies primarily to the jobs at traditional media sources and not the number of online jobs. If you can write compelling articles that appeal to different types of people, you can build a strong readership. Some business journalists even make money self-publishing their own books and running their own blogs.

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Business reporters write articles about breaking news that help readers stay on top of changes to the industry and other major events. While the number of jobs in traditional media will decline in the coming years, the number of online jobs will rise. You need to have strong writing skills and experience in the business field if you want to become a business reporter.