How Do You Become an Online Advertising Manager?

Online Advertising ManagerIf you want to become an online advertising manager, it is important to complete formal training and gain experience within the field so that you can attract attention from top companies. Once you complete college and you gain professional experience, you need to gain a reputation so that you can be promoted or recruited by another organization or corporation. With so many companies switching their focus from traditional advertising to online advertising, the need for online specialists and managers is on the rise. Read on, and follow this step-by-step process to land a job promoting a company online.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

While there is no law stating that online advertising managers must possess a degree, a majority of managers who are currently working in the field possess a minimum of a 4-year Bachelor’s in Marketing, Advertising or Journalism. Based on the statistics, about 22% of all advertising managers have an associate’s and 54% have a bachelor’s degree. The individuals who do not have a degree have years and years of experience that replaces the need for formal training.

It is very important to take an accredited program that will cover coursework that prepares you to oversee online advertising activities. Some of the courses you should complete include: advertising planning, media strategies, ad design, creative strategy and account services. If you take a more general degree program, add these courses as your electives so that you do not miss out on core skill development.

Develop Your Professional Skills

As you study in college, you will need to take professional development courses that fall under the general education category. Having the professional skills that these courses are designed to help you gain is important. Be sure to work on developing your communications skills and your creativity while you are in school. All online advertising managers must be decision makers who can supervise a team while clearly expressing themselves. Fortunately, these skills can be learned over time as you become more confident with yourself.

Get Lower Level Experience

In an ideal world, you would be hired as an online advertising manager as soon as you graduated from school. While this is a perfect scenario, most companies want to hire advertising managers that have experience in lower level or management level positions. The best way to gain the experience is to work as an advertising assistant or a specialist for three to five years. Once you prove yourself in these roles and show off your creativity and your drive, you are better suited to apply for a management position in the advertising team who can earn a salary that averages $115,750 per year depending on the employer, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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More and more companies are promoting their products and services by creating an online presence with a professional website. If you are passionate about advertising and you have what it takes to manage creative and independent working advertisers, online advertising management could be the right title for you. You will make important decisions regarding advertising campaigns and targeting clients while staying challenged with your assigned projects. If you are an innovative thinker who can assess risk while still thinking outside of the box, earn a degree and become an online advertising manager after you get comfortable in the field.