How Do You Specialize a Hospitality Degree?

Hospitality DegreeWhen you specialize a hospitality degree, you can become an expert in a specific area within the field. Having a degree will help you become a restaurant manager, a hotel manager, or even a casino manager more quickly than you would if you worked towards the title without any college education. While any business degree is helpful, a degree in hospitality management with a specialization will help you launch your career by getting knowledge in the right subject areas and practical professional skills that you will use on-the-job. If you would like to know how to specialize your degree in hospitality, here are the steps that you must take.

Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree

The very first step to a specialization in hospitality is earning a Bachelor’s degree. You can choose from several different bachelor’s degrees, but most commonly you will study hospitality, tourism, international hospitality, or travel if they know that they want to eventually become a hospitality manager. It can be helpful to earn a degree in business or business administration if you want a flexible degree that can be used in the hospitality field and other fields as well.

Choose a Master’s or MBA Program

While you can enter the field with only a bachelor’s, when you earn an advanced specialized degree you can take your career further faster. When you are searching for an advanced graduate program, you must decide if you want to take a terminal Master’s degree program or a Master of Business Administration program first, according to Global Post. The type of degree that you decide upon will depend on if you want to learn theory in an MA program or you would prefer to learn practical skills for real world application in an MBA program.

Choosing a Specialty Program

Hospitality is a very diverse field with several different segments. This is why there are so many different specialties that you can choose when you are studying for an advanced degree. If you study for a master’s, you can take degrees majoring in food and beverage management, lodging, travel & tourism, casino gaming, club management, and events management. If you were to choose to study for an MBA instead, you will take a MBA in Hospitality Management and then select from several different concentrations. Some hospitality management concentrations include: tourism, resort management, events management, hospitality marketing, and more.

Choosing the Right School

You cannot just enroll in any degree program because the school claims their programs are the best. Instead of focusing on tuition costs or degree requirements, first you should focus on selecting one that has earned its voluntary accreditation through the Accreditation Commission for Programs In Hospitality Administration. By doing this, you know a reliable commission has examined the curriculum and determined it meets high standards.

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Choosing a specialty is not all that difficult. You need to start school first if you do not know what industry you want to specialize in. You can also do some homework to find out which industries in the field of hospitality tend to be more recession-proof than other. Once you do your homework and review the demand and outlook in each area of hospitality, you can then enroll in the right program and specialize a hospitality degree.