What Does a Hotel General Manager Do?

hotel General ManagerThe general description of a hotel manager is someone responsible for the management of a hotel, but that description doesn’t really explain what a hotel general manager does on a daily basis. A general manager is often the head supervisor of a hotel or resort and responsible for all operations of the facility. The tasks of the job change with each passing day, but many of these positions share some of the same duties.

Hire and Manage Employees

The most important duty associated with a hotel manager is the management of employees. Larger hotels often have supervisors working in different departments, including the advertising, maintenance and housekeeping departments. Each of those supervisors create detailed reports and meet with the manager to talk about how the hotel runs and operates. The general manager is responsible for ensuring that all employees do their best. They are also responsible for hiring new employees. This may involve running ads online and in local newspapers, reading through resumes and interviewing potential applicants in person before making a final decision.

Oversee Maintenance Projects

Even the best hotels and resorts need some regular maintenance throughout the year. Part of what a hotel general manager does is that they oversee these projects. Maintenance is a broad term that can refer to both everyday maintenance and special projects. The housekeeping department cleans the lobby and guest rooms, while a maintenance department might take care of the swimming pool, parking lot and other shared areas. Special projects can include the construction of new rooms, upgrading of the swimming pool or repaving the parking lot. Managers check the progress on these projects and ensure that workers complete the project within the allotted budget.

Handle Emergency Situations

Emergency situations may happen in the middle of the night or in the middle of a busy day. These emergencies can include a pipe that bursts and sends water shooting through multiple rooms, a fire that unexpectedly breaks out in the hotel or an employee who walks out on the job. The manager must find a solution to that specific problem. Hotel general managers often work long hours and remain on-call while away from work. They never know when a call might come in that workers need them to rush back to the hotel.

Meet with Guests and Potential Guests

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that lodging managers make a median salary of nearly $47,000 a year and that these managers are responsible for the safety and satisfaction of guests. One of the main tasks associated with what a hotel general manager does is meet and greet with guests and potential guests. Busy lodges and resorts might host special events and groups, including tourists, business conferences and reunions. In addition to helping guests plan those events, managers must also meet with guests who have complaints or experienced problems. Giving those guests a free night’s stay or a refund might result in a happier and more satisfied guest.

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Hotel managers handle multiple tasks every day, and many find that their duties change from day to day or week to week. They are responsible for the general look and feel of the hotel. Some of what a hotel general manager does includes meeting with guests, making arrangements for potential guests, overseeing other workers and departments and hiring new employees.