What Does an Online Advertising Manager Do?

Online Advertising managerShould you become an online advertising manager? With the growing popularity of online marketing, it is important to consider more than just the traditional aspects of marketing and advertising as you are looking for career possibilities. In the modern world of business, online advertising is booming. In fact, online advertising is booming so much that it is now classified as its very own form of advertising rather than just lumped into the discipline as a whole. As you might expect, an online advertising manager is in charge of advertising on electronic platforms, but what exactly does a advertising manager manage when working online?

What Are Online Advertising Managers In Charge of?

Advertising managers may oversee a group of advertising staff members, but they also manage a company’s reputation within the marketing and advertising spectrum. If you are pursuing a career as an online advertising manager, what you will be in charge of in a very broad sense is everything that is related to the company’s online presence. As you may know, today a company’s online presence can make or break their efforts to generate traffic and sell online. This is why companies are taking online advertising roles so seriously by hiring two separate advertising managers in charge of traditional advertising and online efforts.

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What is a Day in the Life of an Online Advertising Manager Like?

You will perform several different duties on a regular basis if this is the title that you hold. Your purpose in this line of management will be to manage a website that promotes the business and to offer customers online with the support that they need. In addition to promoting through a website, you may also send electronic press releases, post news to the website and send new details about your products or services through advertisements on the web.

It is very common to use social media marketing in your strategy as an advertising manager. By using these platforms to promote contests and giveaways, you will gain more interest and have better advertising campaign success. Advertising managers may use many tactics that are paid for or not paid for to generate traffic. As the manager, it is your duty to determine which combination of advertising tactics is best to stay within budget while still generating organic leads to your site that will convert.

You may assign research tasks or projects to staff members, but ultimately the outcome of a campaign lies solely in your hands. Holding this title requires that you are savvy with the Internet and familiar with SEO and other forms of online marketing. If you are ready for a challenge and an outside of the box thinker, this could be a great profession for you.

You can work for an advertising agency or directly for an organization as an online manager. Be sure to understand how the field is projected to grow before you begin studying. Based on predictions given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is expect to grow by 12 percent by 2022. This is a positive outlook that should reassure you that there is stability for you if you are an online advertising manager.