What is a Global MBA?

Global MBAThe MBA is a prestigious way for businesspeople to boost their marketability and long-term advancement prospects, but the Global MBA is fast becoming an even more prestigious and rigorous way to take on the challenges of a growing, global corporate sector. Today’s students are increasingly opting for an MBA that blends the historically important skills of management with classes in international regulations, politics, finance, and the cultural sensitivities that managers must accommodate while doing business abroad. This is where the Global MBA finds its strengths, making it an excellent option for students looking to take their business skills beyond America’s borders at some point in the future.

A Few Key Different Areas of Emphasis for the Global MBA

As a Master of Business Administration degree, students should make sure they understand that this program will still focus heavily on management and administration in a corporate setting. The same core of management courses is present in this degree program as in non-Global MBA offerings: Marketing management, executive management and leadership, human resources management, ethical and legal considerations of executive oversight, and more. These courses are only the foundation, however, and not the primary focus of the globally minded program. Other key areas of focus within the program make it a natural fit for the aspiring global business leader according to Business Week.

International Politics and Regulations

One of the biggest hurdles to successfully doing international business is accommodating the political and regulatory environment of a country that’s key to international expansion, supply chain considerations, labor deals, or numerous other concerns. A Global MBA, through multiple courses, teaches students about the unique concerns associated with African, Asian, and European economies, and how their management of these unique concerns and bolster their business employer’s position over the long-term.

Global Finance and Economics

There are quite a few different economic systems and theories in play internationally, and the successful global manager needs to know about each and every one of them. Global MBA programs focus on these unique systems around the world and give students the context they need to make sound financial decisions not only for a domestic business, but also for success abroad.

Immersion Programs and Consulting

Business students in a Global MBA program often participate in at least one immersion class, which simulates the decision-making environment common when dealing with multinational firms. They’ll be tasked with responding to cultural sensitivities, accommodating unique regulations, and making decisions based on the financial nature of both the United States and a foreign partner. This program creates fast-paced decision-makers who can handle the crucial choices required of multinational business leaders.

Concentration Coursework

Finally, many Global MBAs actually encourage students to choose a concentration within the program to even more highly specialize their eventual degree. This might include healthcare management, human resources management, accounting, finance, strategic management, or information technology management. With the combination of specialized managerial skills and a global focus, this combination creates a highly rigorous program that’s becoming the preferred choice among global employers.

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An Excellent Program for Today’s Business Students

The business world has been “going global” for a very long time, and educational programs are starting to catch up in exciting ways. Students who have an eye on international management and business work should consider one of today’s rigorous, Global MBA programs as a way to learn all of the skills they’ll need to make sound management decisions on the job.