What Jobs Are Available in Advertising?

Advertising JobsSmart students know that they should look at the types of careers available to them after graduation, and those interested in advertising degrees should look at the types of jobs available in advertising. While sales is a major component of most careers, you also need strong research skills and the ability to communicate well with clients and other workers. Depending on your skills, you might find that you prefer working behind the scenes or working directly with clients.

Advertising Sales Agent

According to Forbes, advertising sales agents are one of the advertising jobs with the greatest outlook for the future. This field will increase by 13 percent in the future and that agents make around $45,000 a year. Sales agents work for specific companies to sell the advertising space that they have available. They help clients decide which type and size of ad they want and even where to place that ad in a magazine or newspaper or on a website. Most agents receive a set salary plus a commission on each sale that they make.

Research Analyst

Do you prefer working behind the scenes with facts and figures rather than working with people? Some of the jobs available in advertising that focus on research keep you out of the limelight. Research analysts help companies improve their public image and help them decide the best way of launching new products and changing their images. They often hosts focus groups to see how a general group of people feel about a specific item, and they take the research they do back to their clients. Analysts also conduct market research to show clients how recent changes or market conditions impacted their bottom lines.

Media Planner

Media planning is one of the more popular types of jobs available in advertising. Most large corporations have a media planning department that is responsible for working with advertising firms. While some companies have their own advertising departments, others rely on the help available from large firms. A planner helps the client decide what it needs and suggests different ways to meet those needs. Planners also meet with account executives to update them on the campaigns purchased. They must keep track of the budget for the project and the work performed to ensure it falls within that budget. They may also come up with some creative advertising campaigns of their own.

Account Executives

If you have a good personality and strong communication skills, working as an account executive might be good fit for you. Account execs work as the public face of an advertising or marketing firms. They are the ones who meet with clients to find out more about their exact needs and the ones who present ideas to clients. Though dozens of people might work behind the scenes to create a television commercial or a print ad, the executives are the ones who show clients those concepts and take their feedback back to their departments.

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There are hundreds of colleges across the country that offer advertising degrees and business degrees with a concentration in advertising. As a student in one of those programs or entering one of those programs, you need to think about your future. The types of jobs available in advertising include positions as advertising account executives, media planners and sales agents.