What Jobs Are Available in Marketing?

Marketing Degree Every student enrolled in a marketing program should take the time to look at the types of jobs available in marketing. Though some might assume that these individuals simply sell advertising space or work for marketing companies to develop new ad campaigns, marketing experts can find work that they can do at home or in an office setting. As long as you have a good personality, a willingness to go the extra mile and the ability to make sales, you qualify for any of the following marketing jobs.

Social Media Marketing Expert

One of the most popular tips passed around on the Internet comes from those looking to save money. They tell readers to use Twitter and Facebook to find deals and discounts that aren’t available anywhere else. As a social media marketing expert, you’re the one responsible for listing those discounts. The number of online jobs available in marketing keeps increasing due to the number of people using the Internet from their phones and tablets keeps increasing. Social media marketing experts look for ways to increase the presence of a company online, and they help those companies post new updates to the more popular sites.

Public Relations Specialists

Do you know how to spin a negative into a positive? This is one of the skills that will help you as a public relations specialist. Actors and other types of celebrities use PR representatives to help them squash rumors and bad publicity surrounding them, but companies and business owners also need PR reps. When a company decides to release a new product, it needs someone who can get people excited about buying that product. You may also find jobs available with sports agencies and organizations who need help increasing ticket sales and the publicity surrounding their teams.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers work specifically with the advertising departments in companies and in marketing firms. The managers do more than just create ad campaigns and increase the buzz around a product or service. They keep a close eye on those working for the campaign, make sure that the services provided come in under budget and follow strict deadlines. Depending on where you work, you may also need to bring in new workers and fire workers who cannot perform to your expectations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the annual median salary for marketing managers is $115,750 per year.

Online Content Writers

If you can meet tight deadlines, work independently and create fresh content, consider working as an online content writer. The number of writing and editing jobs available in marketing increased after magazines and traditional publications shut their doors. Companies now need writers and editors capable of producing fresh content that will bring in readers and bring attention to their sites. As a freelance writer, you set your own rates and have the chance to work from home and write for a variety of clients. Some marketing managers may prefer the structure that comes from writing for a marketing firm and working with the same clients every week.

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Marketing experts help companies and individuals sell products and get attention from the general public. The jobs available in marketing today now include positions as online writers and editors, marketing managers, PR specialists and social media experts capable of working with the top social networking sites.