What Jobs are Available With a Hospitality Degree?

Hospitality JobsIt is important that people choose professions that they find enjoyable which is why many of them search for jobs available with a hospitality degree. The businesses that support creating memorable vacations like hotels, restaurants, rental car agencies, theme parks and other tourist attractions are all members of the hospitality industry. These businesses need skilled professionals who excel at customer service to give clients the experiences that they expect from great travel destinations. Successful hospitality businesses value their workforce, because these employees are often the reasons why the businesses gain repeat customers and referrals rather than disappointing or scathing consumer reviews. Here are several occupations within the hospitality industry where employees can help people to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

Hotel General Manager

Resort and hotel general managers oversee all the business, hotel operation and staff activities. Hotel financial records and budgets are kept by general managers, and these managers ensure that guest services are implemented according to the hotel’s standards and within legal constraints. When a hotel runs a special deal on rooms, it is usually the hotel general manager who has set the terms and conditions of the special as well as promotes the deal. Additionally, hotel general managers are responsible for the recruitment, training and supervision of the establishment’s staff.

Event Planner

Visitors who travel to celebrate special occasions like weddings and reunions for family and school mates often require the services of event planners. These individuals utilize organizational, information technology, problem solving and interpersonal skills to deliver consistently drama free events for their clients. Event planners make sure that the right venues are matched to the unique needs of their audiences. They arrange seating, catering and multimedia requirements for events. Although the hospitality industry is most often associated with leisure travel, business travelers increasingly use the services of event planners for their conferences and offsite training events.

Tour Guides and Cruise Directors

The highlights of travel are usually the tourist attractions that one can only experience while on vacation to distant locales. The people that breathe life into these themed activities on land and by sea are usually tour guides and cruise directors respectively. Land based excursions like those at museums, historical sites and other special interest destinations are led and narrated by tour guides. These tourism professionals must have a passion for their tour activity that is expressed by extensive knowledge, good communication skills and personality. Cruise directors plan activities for passengers who choose to take their vacations out at sea. Like event planners, cruise directors ensure that the planned entertainment fits their cruise’s primary audience.

Pastry Chef

Great food is a key ingredient to memorable travel, and most American travelers do not have a problem indulging according to the national statistics on obesity. However, many travelers hold food and beverage establishments to higher standards while on vacation. Subsequently, some special occasion foods like cakes, pastries and other sweet treats are carefully crafted by trained pastry chefs, according to Culinary Schools. These professionals usually hold culinary arts degrees with pastry chef concentrations as part of their schools’ hospitality management programs.

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Vacations are treasured moments for most people, and they pay particular attention to the details that make their experiences more enjoyable. Businesses that get it right are rewarded, and those that do not meet expectations get ignored at best. Today’s academic programs help aspiring hospitality industry professionals to develop the skills and attention to detail that is needed to successfully land the top jobs available with a hospitality degree.