What Jobs are in Healthcare Management?

Healthcare Management CareersThe healthcare system is projected to grow dramatically, and jobs in healthcare management are keeping up with the fast pace. If you are interested in transitioning to a new career, it is important that you compare different titles that you can pursue and what your role will be in a healthcare setting. Healthcare management is a diverse field with a broad range of options that include specialties in everything from Human Resources to Information Technology. These are some of the fulfilling career options that show the potential for growth:

Careers in Practice Management

Practice managers are in charge of managing the complex business aspects of physicians practices. Some of the tasks that a practice manager will perform include: developing personnel policies, resolving labor disputes, recruiting staff, management of medical records storage, preparing taxes, processing payroll and marketing the practice. The overall objective is for the practice manager to help the practice flourish by handling the administrative tasks that physicians are not able to.

Careers in Social and Community Management

Social and community managers are public health managers who work closely with healthcare professionals, counselors, social workers, probation officers and other organizers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Their goal is to create social service programs and manage community outreach programs that improve the health of large populations and individuals with specific ailments. With an elderly population and a growing need for substance abuse treatment programs, employment growth is projected to be faster than average.

Careers in Human Resources Management

Where there is a need for employees there is also a need for human resources managers. Managers who work in human resources in a healthcare setting are in charge of improving overall patient outcomes and also improving the delivery of services. Human resources management professionals do this by recruiting talented clinical and non-clinical professionals and designing workforce training. Some of the other tasks that HR managers perform on a daily basis may include:

  • Advising management on employee benefits
  • Setting employee pay
  • Conducting reviews
  • Compliance with healthcare reform and laws
  • Resolving disputes between employees and management
  • Arranging gathering to increase employee satisfaction

Careers in Health Insurance Management

Insurance plays a crucial role in making healthcare more accessible to the masses. With new healthcare reforms that have made insurance a requirement for most, the demand for health insurance specialists has grown dramatically. A health insurance specialist works within a health organization or with an insurance company. They are responsible for developing new benefit plans or managing the billing and coding within electronic medical records. Talented health insurance administrators keep money coming in and reduce the time it takes to collect on a service invoice.

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Since health services managers play such an important role in coordinating services and directing changes they play a vital role in improving patient outcomes regardless of their title. With new healthcare laws, technology and regulations being developed on a seemingly daily basis, there is a growing demand for administrators who have either a relevant degree or experience. Employment in the large healthcare management field is projected to grow by 17% by 2024. Be sure to research individual jobs in healthcare management and choose one where you can hone your skills and you can help build a healthier society.