What Kind of Jobs are There in Human Resources?

Human Resources JobsThere are many different types of jobs in Human Resources. If you are interested in working in the field of HR, it is important to compare all of the jobs that you can work towards attaining while you are studying for your undergraduate or graduate degree. The field of HR has changed over the last few decades, and professionals do much more than just accept resumes or conduct interviews like they did in the past.

The Upper-Level Human Resources Officer

A Human Resources Officer works with several different departments within an organization to develop and implement human resource policies. If you decide to become an HR officer, your entire purpose will be to hire the right balance of staff members and also establish an effective training and development program. As a strategic member of the HR department, planning will revolve around data and performance predictions. Your duties on a daily basis will range from being a inter-organization consultant or a lead trainer, to dealing with grievances and negotiating with staff members or unions. Since you will play such a large role in the field of human resources, it is important to complete a formal educational program and gain experience as a entry-level professional.

Labor Relations Professionals

Labor relations professionals are human resources professionals responsible for knowing the labor laws, so that a company can make sound decisions to reduce the risk of lawsuits and grievances. If you would like to work directly in employment law and policies, but also want to pursue a career in the growing field of human resources, this could be a great combination. In most cases, you will work in an organization that currently has a union or has the potential to form a union in the near future.

Human Relations Professionals

Like a labor relations specialist specializes in labor laws, a human relations specialist will specialize in giving employees what they value. Some of the different roles of a human relations specialist may include: administering compensation programs, overseeing benefits programs, giving benefits advice and analyzing the roles within an organization. As a human relations professional in the field of human resources, you may assess the worth of a positions to determine starting pay rates, or even negotiate salaries with a prospective new hire. In general, you are working to provide value to employees while still protecting the corporation’s bottom line.

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Executive Positions in HR

You do not have to be a staff member just to work in the human resources department. With the right skills, drive and experience, you could work towards becoming a Human Resources Executive. You will oversee the entire department, managers, supervisors and staff members. According to Innovative Employee Solutions, an national company, your entire goal as a executive is to facilitate growth and to give the corporation a competitive advantage. Your focus will be to recruit the best stars, develop talent, retain talent, train the seniors, develop global programs, outsource the right functions and recruit in-house.

As you can see, there is not just a single path that you can travel down in the diverse field of human resources. You will need to consider your personal interests and the growing demand within the field to make the best choice. Compare the jobs in human resources, learn what educational background is desired and work towards your goal.