What Public Relations Jobs are Available in Business?

Public Relations in BusinessStudents studying communications and similar fields often find themselves interested in the types of public relations jobs available in business. While a public relations specialist is the most common job in this field, you can put your communications skills to the test while working on special events, in advertising or in social media. Business owners need experts who can get others excited about an upcoming event, a new product or the redesign of an existing product, and many of these positions only require a bachelor’s degree.

Special Event Coordinator

Do you love the idea of throwing lavish parties and hosting other special events? A special event coordinator is someone who works for a public relations firm that specializes in PR work. They are the ones who plan special events to raise money for an organization and events designed to launch new products and companies. You might work with a new nightclub to create an opening night party, or you might work with a breast cancer organization to raise money through a marathon. Special event coordinators handle everything from hiring employees to work the event to arranging for publicity around the event.

Advertising Executive

Advertising executive is one of the public relations jobs available in business that require strong communication skills. While some companies can do well with word of mouth advertising, other companies find that they need to get the word out about the products and services that they offer. You can work for the advertising departments within major companies or for an advertising company that provides work for dozens of different companies. You’ll host focus groups, identify the needs of the market and create campaigns that will make shoppers want to work with your clients.

Social Media Specialist

With so many people using social networking sites today, companies can only survive with a strong online presence. A social media specialist uses special techniques to increase a company’s online presence and ensure that the most positive information rises above negative reviews. As a specialist working in this field, you’ll often create posts and updates for Twitter, Facebook and other sites. You may also work with others to create apps and online ads for your clients. Social media specialists also create special events online, including contests and promotions that increase the response of customers.

Public Relations Specialist

One of the other public relations jobs available in business is that of a public relations specialist. General PR specialists can assist business owners in a variety of ways. They write press releases about new products, meet with newspapers and reporters to talk about their clients and generally help improve the reputation of those clients. They also act as managers in regards to others. A PR specialist might work with a social media expert and the advertising department of a business to create a new design for an existing website, plan a launch party for a new product or find a solution to a negative news story sweeping the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the annual median salary of a PR specialist at $54,170.

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Companies today face a number of problems due in part to the rise of the Internet. Anyone with a Wi-Fi signal can post negative reviews and spread harmful information. Many of the public relations jobs available in business help increase the reputation of a company and prevent negative stories from breaking.