What Type of Career Goals Should I Have to Consider a Business Degree?

Most students entering college are aware that business is one of the best majors you can choose in order to be financially successful after graduation. But it’s not uncommon for students to have a vague idea of what exactly they can do with a business degree. The type of career goals you should have to consider a business degree can vary quite a lot. A successful business has many different facets and functions that contribute to making it work, and a business degree can help you succeed in almost all of them, depending on your focus. 

Careers in Management

The ultimate goal for many business majors is to be in charge of a company. CEO is one of the highest-paying professions for those in the business field, with average salaries topping $160,000 a year. But you don’t have to be the chief executive of a major corporation to work in management, and many people take the skills they learn in college and decide to start their own business. With online shopping and social media marketing so prevalent now, it has never been easier to run your own startup company, and learning practical skills can help you get started. If you don’t choose to be at the head of a business, you can also pursue management opportunities in specific business areas like human resources, marketing, and sales.

Investment Banking versus Alternatives

It’s worth noting that a certain sect of business majors are interested in entering the competitive and lucrative world of investment banking and pursuing careers on Wall Street. Investment banking appeals to students who are interested in working long hours and feel energized by the prospect of trying to break in to a difficult field. But you don’t have to be a daredevil to be a business major. On the opposite end of the spectrum, many business students are interested in careers as financial analysts, accountants, and advisers. While investment bankers directly sell and trade stocks and bonds, these other careers work with a company’s financial health and prospects, keeping track of how much money they spend and what their options are for the future. Most finance-oriented careers come with job security and a higher than average income, but some can be more exciting and perilous than others.

Other Options for Business Majors

Students of business work in human resources, marketing, and IT departments, so focusing on a certain aspect of business management is common. But you can also focus on a certain industry. If you choose to get your MBA, you can gear yourself towards areas like real estate, construction, energy management, insurance, and more. You can also work in many government institutions and nonprofit organizations. Local police departments, health centers, and courts, and even federal organizations like the Department of Defense and the FBI, have plenty of opportunities for business men and women who understand how to run a company smoothly.

You don’t have to feel limited by your career choices if you’re thinking about earning a degree in business. The degree is applicable to almost any job that has to do with making a business work or helping companies and individuals achieve financial success. The possibilities are endless, and you are sure to find the right niche for you.

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