What Type of Jobs Can I Get With an International Business Degree?

International business is one of the fastest-growing business majors for a reason: Corporations are increasingly global, and they require a workforce that can handle the demands of juggling multiple languages, cultures, and continents. International business graduates are therefore primed for a wide variety of careers in offices all around the world, working in fields as disparate as global finance and cross-cultural marketing. For those considering this field of study, it’s worth examining the most common career options chosen by those who graduate with anĀ international business degree.

1. Marketing-Related Positions

One of the toughest things for any company to do is to create a marketing campaign that crosses cultural lines and appeals to a broad base of international customers. International business graduates are often the top choice for a position within companies that require global appeal. Because international business programs often immerse their students in both a foreign language and a foreign culture, job applicants with this kind of background know how to create a marketing campaign that crosses cultural lines and fines a warm welcome in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and beyond.

2. Corporate Finance

Most companies have to manage their accounts and balance the books here at home and for each international outpost that they’re operate. International business graduates learn about language and culture during their time in a degree program, but they also learn about international financial regulations, practices, and standards. That means the international business graduate is a top choice for international finance positions, including executive-level leadership, accounting positions, investment departments, and much more.

For those considering a future in global finance, it might also be worth considering a minor or graduate-level degree in accounting. With these two interests combined, candidates will find it relatively easy to land a number-crunching job with some of today’s largest global enterprises.

3. High-Level Executive Positions

It’s not very easy to advance to the upper echelon of corporate leadership, but those with an international business background will find it easier to advance their career and title than those without such underpinnings. Because the largest corporations require CEOs that can adeptly manage ongoing international travel requirements, cultural considerations, and handling emerging markets, those with an understanding of how the global economy works will be primed for CEO, CIO, and CMO positions at all kinds of companies.

4. Brand Management Services

Throughout history, companies have occasionally entered into embarrassing territory and uncharted waters as they seek to tap into international markets. From failed marketing strategies to culture clashes, businesses often find themselves needing a bit of on-the-ground brand support and management. This is one of the most common fields for international business graduates. Essentially, they’ll work with a company to extend its brand successfully to a new or foreign market, pre-approving all marketing campaigns, advertising slogans, print materials and more. This type of work prevents embarrassing mix-ups and builds brands successfully in each new market.

Great Opportunities for Qualified International Business Grads

International business graduates are perhaps the best candidates for a wide variety of corporate jobs in a world that is going increasingly, rapidly global. With courses that emphasize foreign languages and cultures, international business regulation, and the ways of global finance, graduates can enter into virtually any business-related field and bring a highly valuable international perspective. That makes their job as important as it is resilient in today’s economy.

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