What Types of Jobs are in Business Information Technology?

Today’s graduate can find many different types of jobs in business information technology. The use of IT in business is a rapidly growing commonality in virtually every modern business. You can start to take advantage of this particular, wide-open job market by having a look at some of the excellent jobs it currently offers.

Software Architect

A software architect is someone who spends a great deal of time building new software for a company. They are the important person that actually designs the inner workings of the software. The completed product could be anything from a game, a cell phone app, or even a company-wide accounting system. Additionally, according to many sources, including Information Week, this job is more in demand than practically any other business IT job out there.

QA Manager

Another great job in today’s business information technology market is QA manager. The QA manager is a sort of software engineer that oversees testing before the release of a completed product. The QA manager may oversee software being built for use within his or her own parent company or software strictly created for sales purposes. Either way, the use of a QA manager is an important quality control measure for any company involved with software production for itself or others

Systems and Network Administrator

A systems and network administrator focuses on maintaining the computer and network systems for a company. One day, job necessities may require the setup of a new operating system for the entire company. The next day’s work may consist of fixing a recurring glitch in the company’s network. Keeping the entirety of a company’s computer systems and networks running is what this important business IT job is all about.

Technology Business Analyst

The technology business analyst, or TBA is a sort of in-between for a company’s management and IT department. Although the finite duties to this job are many, in basic terms, the TBA assures that the needs of the company are met adequately when it comes to IT department contributions. Through constant evaluation, assessment, and communication with management, the successful TBA will direct IT operations to adapt to real-time business needs in all other areas of the company.

IT Support Specialist

Similar to a systems and network administrator, the IT support specialist is tasked with keeping the tech side of business up and running. The IT support specialist however, is typically at ground-level more often, working in cubicles and office spaces, with the office staff needing help. When the computer freezes, phones or internet stop working, or a printer just needs replacement, the IT support specialist will be the one to handle it in most cases.

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These are just a few examples of the many offerings in today’s exploding, business IT job market. Each of these positions does require the educational accolades of a business IT major and degree.