Five Signs It’s Time to Retire

retirementThe steps that make up a successful career lead to a dais on which we eventually stand and proclaim, “I’ve arrived.” In time, the glow of importance and the draw of money fades, as the years begin to take their toll. That once-shining pedestal begins to lose its glimmer as thoughts wander toward other pedestals with other accomplishments, other outcomes, sometimes in other places. There are thoughts of turning off the lights and closing the door on one chapter in the book of Life and beginning another, a phase commonly regarded as Retirement.

Five Signposts Retirement Is The Next Step

1. If your value of Time is calling for you to be involved in other things and your current position is getting in the way of what you really want to be doing, retirement may be the answer. The current job may provide no room for exercising your leadership potential, or you could be feeling trapped or hemmed in by office politics and strain to be free of all the hustle, bustle and expectations.

2. If your health is no longer adequate to perform your job function or your field demands what you no longer have the energy to give, retirement may be calling out to you. Perhaps the passion for your current position has waned for want of the tools you need to truly become outstanding in your field. Thoughts may wander to starting a business of your own, or maybe only working part-time.

3. If family responsibilities have changed and the sounds of tiny feet are those of grandchildren who go home with grown sons and daughters, retirement may beckon. A big house may seem too empty or cold weather may be driving an interest in seeking out a more hospitable climate. Choice of residence is no longer hinged on school systems and like-minded community as it is for conveniences, activities, comfort, affordability and security. Time with those grand-kids may trump the importance of schedules and paychecks.

4. If your finances are capable of supporting your needs despite the possibilities of no income from employment, retirement seems logical. Investments provide a steady income stream and mortgages, college tuition and family no longer demand a heavy draw of funds every month. Major purchases of appliances, automobiles and furniture are few and far between, offering a comfortable cushion of assets and ability to pay the monthly bills while still enjoying hobbies, travel and other leisurely pursuits.

5. Your career niche has ridden its wave and is being phased out by new technology and other advances.

When the dreams of youth are set aside to accomplish a living, those dreams may continue to roil and fester until it becomes impossible to ignore their appeal. Your position could be accomplished by younger and more energetic staff, the spouse may be looking to share more quality time, or requiring more attention due to medical issues. When family is grown and income assured, choosing retirement should be an easy choice.

About the Author

Michael Davies is a professional recruiter and job coach based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He contributes to numerous online web resources about career development, and more of his expert advice can be found at Masters in Human Resources Degrees.