Owning a Vineyard Could be Your Next Business Endeavor

wineIf you have a love and passion for wine and making wine, you may consider buying a vineyard of your very own. Vineyards are plentiful around the country and you could participate in creating some of the best tasting wines.

Before you get started, there are some essential things to consider when it comes to owning a vineyard, and a recent BloombergBusinessweek article outlines them in detail.


The most important thing to think about is the location, as it is crucial to select a place you are passionate about to get the most out of your vineyard. Many people think vineyards only exist in the Napa Valley, but nearly every state in the U.S. has a wine production industry. Choose a place that you love all the aspects of, including the people, food, and landscape. If you enjoying spending time at your vineyard, you will likely boost your success. Furthermore, your location will play an essential part in the types of grapes you wish to harvest. It is necessary to take a sample of the soil to decide what root stocks will work the most effectively for your chosen grapes.

Consider the Name

Unless you are going to start a vineyard from the ground up, you want to selectively consider the name of the vineyard. Look into its reputation and how people view it. Also, consider if the name would go on if you decided to sell.

Find the Right Partners

If you are not planning on running your vineyard yourself, you need to carefully select the individuals you are going to trust with your investment. Conduct personal interviews to get to know potential employees, and you will likely find the perfect match. If you are starting a new vineyard, you will need to hire workers to prepare the ground, install irrigation systems, and plant the grape crops.

Following Rules

Since you have no control over the weather and climate, you need to make sure you are abreast on the important rules of vineyards. One of those rules is you cannot interfere with nature. For example, you are forbidden to irrigate during a dry year. Additionally, if you have a winery on your property, you must acquire the necessary permits and licenses to make wine. The laws and restrictions differ by state or county, so you will need to contact the local authorities before you start producing wine.

Marketing Your Product

After you have grown your grapes and produced wine, you need to figure out a way to market it to customers. Many vineyards sell their products to local wineries and restaurants and others have wineries directly on the property. You can also set up tours for individuals to sample the wine.

If you have a love for wine, and you have the time, motivation, and funding, owning a vineyard may be the ticket to your own self-fulfillment. This venture is not for those who want to earn money quick, as it takes at least five years to get a vineyard completely productive. While owning a vineyard is no easy task, a great deal of passion and a little bit of savvy can go a long way to reaching your dream.