The Most Secure Jobs Today

When it comes to careers, longevity matters as much as salary. Many sectors of the American job market were lost during the recession. The good news is, the country is slowing getting back on its feet. At the end of 2012, the unemployment rate was roughly at 7.8% with 146,000 jobs added each month, a significant improvement over previous jobless rates. This is a step forward, but careers with low unemployment rates are still necessary.

Top 5 Jobs With Low Unemployment Rates

Here are several of the top secure jobs today, according to statistics published in the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook.

1. Nurse, Health Care Aide

Healthcare professionals are needed to meet the growing demand to care for the sick and the homebound. This field has seen the lowest job loss during the recession at less than 3%. This is due to the high demand all over the country. Employment for health care aides is projected to increase up to 70% by 2020, much faster than the national average. Employment for nurses will increase to 26% by 2020. Health care aides earn a median salary of $20,000 per year with a high school diploma, while registered nurses earn $65,000 with an associates degree.

2. Accountant

Accountants prepare financial records for businesses and individuals and ensure that taxes are paid. In 2010, 1.2 million jobs were added, with a projected growth rate of 16%. The demand for accountants is higher in urban areas where there is a concentration of corporate businesses. Certification and a bachelors degree in accounting is required. The median salary is $61,000.

3. Teacher

Teachers engage students in lessons of knowledge and life skills. Despite the new educational reforms taking place, teachers had steady employment during the recession, growing about 15%. That number will grow over the next five years as regions in the south and west increase their hiring. Requirements for elementary and secondary teachers include state licensure and a bachelors degree or higher. Median salary is $52,000.

truck driver4. Truck Driver

Truck drivers deliver goods across the country. Their low unemployment rates are due to steady pay, nationwide availability of work, and ever-increasing demand for goods. The industry is projected to grow faster than average at 21%. Drivers need a commercial license, two years experience, and a high school diploma.

5. Construction Worker

As the economy improves, steps will be taken to build and repair infrastructure. Construction workers have sustained hires of over one million each year since 2010, and that number is expected to grow 25% over the next seven years. The demand is highest in the south, southwest, and midwest, where urbanization is increasing. While there is no specific education requirement for a construction worker, those who are highly skilled and experienced receive the most pay. Median salary is $28,000.

These five occupations are at the forefront of the country’s employment upswing. Their statistics prove their ability to weather the economic downturns and thrive.