Human Resources Manager

A Human Resources Manager is somewhat of a mediator in a business. As a HR Manager you will have many tasks to perform. You will be in charge of most all responsibilities with employees. Some of these include the hiring and firing of employees, disciplining employees, making sure the rules and regulations are followed, and solving any issues between employer and employee. You will also relay any issues to the employer relating to equal opportunity laws, any harassment issues, and other laws associated with employment. Almost every standard and exceptional company employs Human Resource Managers. Some of the many titles associated with this job are: Human Resorce Manager, Human Resource Director, Employee Benefits Manager, and Director of Human Resources.

Education required for this position is almost always a Bachelor’s Degree at least. There are some positions that you can obtain with an Associate Degree and a Master’s Degree is a great bonus in the position. Several tasks and skills are associated with this profession. You will most likely conduct interviews, choose the best suiters for positions in the company, and help to resolve any issues between employer and employee. A HR Manager must have great communication skills, a keen sense of understanding, both oral and written expression, and the ability to get the point across to both employees and management. Knowing when to ask the right questions, listening to details in a conversation, and understanding others are great assets in this occupation. Critical thinking, decision making, and negotiation are also skills required for this position. Planning work activities of staff, coordinating personnel activities, and supervising such activities are also included in this profession. Organizing and heading staff meetings in many related fields is also a task you will most likely complete as a HR Manager. Resolving conflicts and making sure your company is adhering to all laws associated with your company are a few more tasks that will be performed. You will also report to management on any new laws and make sure the policies and procedures set into place are being withheld.

A Human Resource Manager can expect to make on average, around $45 per hour or $90,000 to $100,000 per year. This pay scale does not vary too much according to geographical area, although the more experience, the higher the rate will climb.

A national study stated that in 2010 there were approximately 72,000 Human Resource Manager positions. The same study states that from 2010 – 2020 there will be an increase of these position of approximately 10% – 19%. There is a projected amount of 26,900 new jobs in this same time period. Government and most all companies are in need of this title in their establishment.